About Valorem Group

We are Valorem



Valorem Group is one of the industry’s leading real estate firms providing an array of services to global clients seeking to purchase commercial real estate and vacation homes abroad.  Our services include full service real estate brokerage*, to international marketing, and full creative services as well as legal support to reduce the risk of loss from the risk of lawsuits* through our of Counsel James Pinkert Esq..

* Our brokerage firm is operated by Victor Bao, licensed Real Estate Broker, and legal services under the guidance of Counsel James Pinkert, Esq.


Our Marketing Approach


In addition to real estate services for investment companies looking to expand their global footprint, we assist with a local team of professionals to help hire, build out and sell and market your new hotel or resort.  Marketing sets us apart from other real estate firms who simply sell a property and end their relationship with clients.  We help buyers operate their resorts abroad and market their rooms to hundreds of thousands of clients. Buying and operating a hotel or resort has never been so simple and seamless.




Valorem Group is the preeminent provider of real estate services: the organization that industry professionals instinctively turn to for their real estate, risk aversion and creative marketing needs when they want to balance it with bottom line dollars.

For more information, please feel free to contact us at +1.786.408.5900 or via email to vbao@valoremgroup.com.

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