Valorem Group offers a variety of services for hotel, resort and DMCs around the world.

  • Real Estate:  If you are searching for properties around the world, Valorem Group is your Real Estate Brokerage firm.  In addition to real estate, once you have chosen a resort, we can assist you with a world-class transition team to help you effectively implement your brand service components and complete your international legal transaction.  Valorem Group is a real estate firm, Lic. Real Estate Broker Victor Bao.

  • Legal Services:  Whether you’re purchasing a new resort, or trying to reduce the cost of litigation, we offer an end-to-end service which includes legal services.  Offered through our partnership with James Pinkert Esq., Of Counsel providing protection for hotels, resorts, shore excursions, travel agents, and tour operators across the globe, with an emphasis on group and incentive contracts, and defense against personal injury claims.

  • Business Consulting:  With nearly 4 decades in the hospitality space, our team of seasoned professionals offers unique consulting services with the hotel guest in mind.  Customer satisfaction, preparation of key materials, contracts, etc.

  • Branding:  We help you create and build your brand voice for your target segments. From preparing personas for your current target segments, to identifying a new target and preparing your brand to speak to them in a voice that resonates now and into the future.

  • Marketing:  Full creative services, copy writing, web development and mobile app development painstakingly curating your business digitally taking into account best-in-class user experience, psycho-graphic modeling, customer service, public relations, advertising. We are a full service agency to help you maintain your leadership position, get in the game, or just win them.