Amazon Resort Project

Ariau Amazon Towers Resort

Ariau Amazon Towers resort

Valorem Group in partnership with Ariau Amazon Towers resort has undertaken a new project of the most unique character in the center of the Amazon.  A 2-hour ride down the Rio Negro from Manaus places global travelers in a space that helps them understand the importance of our planet and the dangers that ignoring global warming en environmental concerns. The Amazon as the world’s lung because of the vast amount of trees and foliage it contains.  It was the partnership which arose between the Valorem Group President Victor Bao, and the owner of the Ariau Amazon Towers Resort Francisco Ritta Bernardino during the CBS Survivor production that brought about a renewed partnership between the resort and Bao.

“I spent many months in the Amazon during the filming of CBS Survivor and am proud and enthusiastic about this new resort project in Brazil.” said Victor Bao.  “It is important to showcase the Amazon to travelers from around the world in a gentle way that can help draw attention to the issues of damages caused by global warming and the environment.”

Cousteau raised approximately $4 million to produce a documentary series about the Amazon thereby communicating the importance of conserving this sensitive global patrimony, as well as to bring about critical research about the Amazon’s animals.

The project will replace an historic structure nestled at the tree tops of the Amazon where celebrities such as Steven Spielberg and Mark Burnett as well as Bill Gates, and many Kings and Queens from other countries have visited.

“We want to restore the resort to its gem quality and create new spaces where families can come together”, said Eliane Ritta, new President of the Ariau Towers.”  “Together with Valorem Group, we can let families come together in an incredible environment where everyone can explore nature at its finest.”

The resort will include 180 rooms at treetop level built by local architects and artisans in the tradition of the tribes in the area. A full service resort, the grounds will include its wellness pyramid for daily Yoga and Mediation in the center of the Amazon where reported signs of alien gods had been spotted. Loads of safe child activities and entertainment including a series of pools for those warmer days will be present.  More to come as progress on architectural plans are completed.

The resort is slated to reopen in December of 2019.

For information on investment opportunities and more details, please feel free to contact Victor Bao at (786) 546-2778,, via skype victor.bao or via Whatsapp.  For more information on Airau Towers click here.