Ariaú – Amazon Towers

Amazon River, Brazil


Ariaú – Amazon Towers

The Ariaú Amazon Towers Hotel is located 35 miles (60 km) at the Northwest from Manaus, Brazil. It is the only Hotel complex at tree top level in the Amazon Rainforest, situated on the right bank of the “Negro River”.



260 decorated apartments w/private balcony

Language Spoken:

Portuguese, English, Indian dialects



High wooden towers to enjoy the view of the Rainforest.
Lounge Bar
Restaurant (Buffet style) All Inclusive
Exotic Pyramid: Meditation Room
Floating Sports Court
Fitness Center
Local Indian Store
Boat Excursions
Rooms and Suites with Air Condition


Direction to Hotel:

Accessible from Manaus by speed boat, traditional riverboat or helicopter


Dining & Restaurants:

Complete communication to the world by phone, fax and radio.
An Amphitheater seating 150 persons for folkloric music and dance presentations
Two swimming pools built at canopy level.
Two restaurants serving 350 persons each.


Common Amenities:

Experienced (multi-lingual) guides accompany every outing, providing guests with a wealth of information about the ecosystem, the flora and fauna, anthropology, history, and survival techniques.


Conference & Meetings:

Amphiteather for 600 people equipped with Audio Visual and Telecommunications Systems.


Local Attractions:

Located at the foot of the Anavilhanas Archipelago, formed by 380 islands, provides endless options for sightseeing.

  Flights from the United States are from Miami to Manaos by TAM Brazilian Airlines and LAB Airlines.
  Standard Hotel Policies apply, contact us at 305-646-1958 for more information.
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