We are the leaders in hotel sales, whether for task force or permanent leadership. Valorem provides a wide array of services to hotels as well as tourism organizations firms seeking to re-launch, re-structure or re-evaluate their sales efforts across North America.

Sales & Marketing

Effective Hotel Sales.

Today, hotels need to re-imagine sales in a world of slow and cautious ramp up. Hotels know reopening will mean slow scaling of occupancy and ADR and are cautious about hiring teams as they move along uncertainty, strict government guidelines and liability. Will you be judging your performance based on REVPAR or GOPPAR? How are things different?  The time to act differently is now!

Our seasoned team acts as your team, whether on or off site, we solicit, evaluate and answer RFPs, to meet your goals. We execute your traditional sales efforts without the risk of all that uncertainty.

Our Experience

Online & Offline Presence

Branding & Business Consulting

With nearly four decades in the hospitality space, our team of seasoned professionals offers unique consulting services with the hotel guest in mind.  Customer satisfaction, preparation of key materials, contracts, collateral and many others…yes, we know this business, and we know how to get you through the rough seas ahead!

We will help you redefine, or re-create and build your new brand voice, taking into consideration each of your target segments. From preparing personas, to identifying a new opportunities and preparing your brand to speak to each in a voice that resonates now and into the future. The way you address your clients, your collateral, everything must be adapted to the “new normal”!

Quality Over Quantity

Valorem Group has always offered essential sales & marketing services for our hospitality partners …but now, all re-invented and re-imagined for today’s challenging business world. Together, we will get through this. 

Hotel Representation

Leaders in business growth and development we have been the international strategy company of discerning hotels, resorts and DMC’s worldwide.

Digital Marketing

Whether you’re trying to attract meeting planners, corporations, associations, travel agencies or consumers.

Search Engine Marketing

While the key to success of search engine marketing is creating the best content for your website visitors.

Social Media Marketing

In today’s digital world, social media needs much attention. An occasional post regarding your product is simply not enough to be relevant.

Artificial Intelligence Bots

AI will bring your hotel into the 21st Century. Grow sales while reducing inbound calls costs and increasing guest satisfaction.

Search Engine Optimization

We offer best-in-practice solutions to drive those leads and traffic while maneuvering through the complexities of best practices, regulations, and customer needs.

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