What is the role of the Hotel Sales Optimization and Audit Team in this “new normal”? Your Hotel Sales Optimization Team delivers attentive consultation to assess your hotel’s new business mix, market trends, share opportunities, and sales strategies, as well as support identify new business; local, national and international prospects in your market your hotel has yet to capture. Trends and consumer behavior per market segment have changed…you HAVE to re-evaluate your stance now!

We will develop key strategies, tactics and innovative campaigns by which your existing team can maximize sales production throughout all direct sales segments by mapping accounts, developing the accurate business plans and distribute recommendations on appropriate, enhanced deployment, feeder markets and additional critical key areas. Furthermore, our team will develop training programs and sales optimization approaches to drive higher ADR capture, higher conversion and optimum outbound solicitation.

  • On site SSW’s- Sales Strategy Workshops
  • Data analytics-Travelclick, Demand 360, Agency 360, GDS Marketing, Knowland, Cvent
  • Sales Team Assessments, talent pool search, recruiting assistance
  • Sales Leadership Mentoring
  • Business Development coaching
  • Effective lost, turn down and repeat business targeting
  • IST’s Campaign- Innovative Sales Tactics
  • SMART Plans creation and implementation- by segment, by seller, per quarter, per year
  • Progressive incentive programs, adhocs

*Group, Catering & Event shops

Valorem will help you craft and plan a custom business strategy for your business.

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