It’s a new era in the hotel industry

Now is the time to change how you do business.  Valorem wants to increase your revenue and decrease your sales payroll and benefits expenses.  Our sales “grass-roots” approach is much more comprehensive.  We become YOUR Sales team and/or an extension of your sales force. If you don’t have a team, we act as your own.  If you do have staff, we optimize their sales performance.  If you are ready to grow again, we can help you on your Talent Search. Our goal is to grow sales, reduce expenses and help you show bottom-line results: period.

Our teams work with pre-opening hotels to gain speed to market, already-open businesses looking to accelerate their sales & marketing initiatives and maximize revenues, as well as mature hotels looking to update their view of the market and optimize results. Because we can scale our prospecting activities and existing relationships, we are able to show greater results in a shorter period of time.

Our experience encompasses any type of hotel- from 2 and 3 star, to extended stay properties, to high group volume hotels & resorts. Our expertise also expands to urban locations, conference centers, domestic USA hotels as well as international locations. From pre-opening to mature hotels, with or without a DOS, we have proven methodologies and “know how” to grow your revenue and reduce hotel expenses overall.

We understand that every hotel is different so we can customize a package that works for you. Our hotel support service options include:

  • Ramp Up/Pre-Opening Hotel positioning and sales (Taskforce, 3, 6 or 12 month options), Talent Acquisition
  • Hotel, resort & DMC Sales Team Extension and/or representation programs as well as event representation services
  • Revenue Management
  • Remote reservations, PBX, group housing, night audit options, accounting and reporting options
  • Creative brand design for both new hotels and revamping/strengthening existing brands
  • Sourcing and customization of individually- branded PPE and Sanitizer product
  • Tele-health options for On-property guests
  • Existing sub-optimal vendor contract(s) review to uncover potential savings
  • Social Media marketing and support
  • Temporary talent acquisition for hotel management positions
  • Public Relations Campaigns and Support
  • Authentic Website and Blog Content creation
  • Marketing plan/media buying support
  • Sourcing and Referral of additional support mechanisms via our extensive network (meeting/event planning, direct sales, sales campaign coordination, in-person and/or in-country sales presentations, etc)
  • Reputation & Crisis Management
  • User experience, website monetization, reduced labor costs and improved customer satisfaction via Artificial Intelligence
  • Visioning, Strategic Planning and Due Diligence study to Conceptual Master Planning, through integrated Architecture, Interior, Landscape, Lighting and Place-making design approach

Guest facing, comprehensive,

remote or on-property sales coverage

Our teams can take all sales or reservation inquiry calls, negotiate and service group bookings and guest calls, and negotiate LNR accounts. We can teach you how to save money in reservations and group housing management and have the partnerships to do so.


Electronic lead response, including RFPs

We provide fast and effective response to all electronic leads and RFPs

Telemarketing, prospecting, lead generation

We proactively prospect for new business on behalf of your hotel and cross-sell leads to our portfolio or hotels and clients. You are not alone! Let us leverage our strengths to benefit you!

Long-term or short-term coverage

Depending on a hotel’s needs, we provide ongoing, long-term coverage (min. 1 year) or temporary, short-term coverage (min. 3 months)

Not a Management Company

Where other companies may promise turn-key ready solutions, we prove our success with sales and savings “know how”. We are more than consultants, we are actionable hotel experts and sales & marketing professionals that move the needle by helping you save, optimizing processes, booking business and booking business on your behalf so you can take money to the bank, period.

Our sole focus is to actively promote your organization and for you to be free to operate your hotel/resort’s Sales & Marketing departments efficiently without costly fees.

If you don’t currently have a sales team, we will act as your own.  If you do have a team on site, we will work with them to optimize their performance.  Additionally, and only when ready, we make it possible for you to focus on hiring a smaller team and keep overhead lower as we provide the highest-level Sales & Marketing “know how” and management to your onsite team.

Our extensive experience makes us the ideal partner for both domestic as well as international hotels.  For our international partners, we act as your USA sales office, can cover client presentations as your own staff would and while easily communicating with your staff in multiple languages to include Spanish, French, German and more.

Consumer Behavior Demands a Change in Strategy

After a crisis, the only thing that is certain is a reset in consumer behavior and the need to change the way you conduct business.  At Valorem, we have experienced the many changes in trends and demographics over several economic cycles, to include Desert Storm, H1N1, the 2008 Financial crisis and recently the Covid-19 pandemic. We know that those who do not act differently won’t survive, so now is the time to change your short term and long term strategies when considering sales and marketing.

We believe the key to a powerful business rebound is to continue selling the future. When the leisure market returns, you need to have some base business on the books or suffer lower occupancy and ADR.  By keeping the vitality of the sales channel, your business will avoid a lengthy ramp up during what will be highly competitive market scenarios.

With our ongoing and experienced efforts, our teams will continue to keep your brand top of mind with travelers who are looking to the near future and beyond.

Market Segments

Market segments change, purchase behaviors shift, and booking windows shrink, making the right of market mix the difference between bankruptcy and the success of your hotel.

Whether it is wholesale/FIT, corporate group, association group, leisure or business travel and/or contract business, we can help. Most importantly, you can save on payroll and benefits as the economy recovers.

Our experienced team of revenue, marketing and sourcing professionals are here to help keep your hotel booking business.

We understand that every organization is different so we can customize a package that works for you.

Our hotel Sales & Marketing support service options include:
Visual Content Creation, Video & Photography
Group, Catering & Event Shops
Mystery Shopper Programs
Google Analytics

Hospitality Taskforce Assignments

The demands of the hotel industry are greater than they have ever been due to recent developments. We understand that owners are not ready to hire a full time staff while many very apt individuals remain unemployed. A vacancy in a key revenue-generating and/or customer service position can be detrimental to the hotel’s ability to reach revenue goals. Customer expectations do not change simply because ownership cannot hire full-time assistance, if a team member goes on maternity leave, medical leave, or quits without notice… that’s where we come in.

Today’s upper-level hotel positions are highly-specialized and filling them quickly and effectively presents a challenge to the property. Outsourcing through Valorem taskforce gives the hotel immediate access to highly-qualified talent with the specialized skills that are needed.

A la carte pricing packages available

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