If you don’t believe in the future, please don’t call us.  If you want to capture more people who will buy more of your products more often for more money, then we are the right match for you and your business.

How do we do it?  One of two ways.  First, we can man a live chat on your website and offer people assistance.  Once we capture some information about what they need and their contact info, we transfer them to your inside sales or customer service team for the close.  This way your customers are one step closer to buying.

What if you don’t want to have a live chat on your site?

Then we have a second option.  We rollout a chat bot.  Yes, artificial intelligence that can respond to customer queries without having them call into your customer service center of approaching your sales team.  What does this do for you?  It makes sure that your customers are getting answers to the simple questions they may have which will place them one step further down your e-commerce funnel.  At one moment, once they ask a question and receive an answer, your newly trained bot will direct them to your sales team of customer service team to close the deal.

What else does artificial intelligence do for your company?

It allows you to understand all the questions your customers have and then allows you to create more robust [yes robust for SEO] content so that your bounce rate isn’t so high.  Yes, that’s correct, people bounce off your page at high rates because what they are searching for isn’t on your page.  And how will you know what they are searching for?  You guessed it, your new bot will tell you in complete reports.

Now that those things have been addressed, what else can your new bot show you?  It can tell you what to use on Google paid ads so that more of your customers find you at a cheaper PPC price.

Now that you answer your customer’s questions faster creating a better customer experience, and that you have reduced your bounce rates by creating better content for your customers, and now that you close more deals from those on your site which you already paid lots of money to have on your site, and since you have reduced the simple calls to your call center allowing them to spend more time closing deals, what do you think it’s worth to have us create your staff bot?  You guessed wrong.  Today with LMD Consulting, it’s very affordable and pays for itself every month as you increase your sales through your site.

It’s your choice.  Manned answers or artificial intelligence to respond to the majority of your customer’s questions, providing an improved customer journey and a reduced cost at our call center.  Or, you could allow us to capture leads from your web page and send them into your call center and sales team to improve the acquisition rate of the traffic you have already paid for.

Oh, did we also mention you could do both.  Yes, live during the day and bot at night so that you have a full array of advantages.

Our Expert In-House Chat Bot Solutions will maximize your 24x7 presence to customers