What to write for great SEO?

Content, content, content!
The more original and useful content you provide, the more successful you will be as it relates to SEO.  in the day, it was enough to word stuff the search, but today the algorithms are much smarter and can distinguish between what the user was searching for and meaningful content for them.  So, keeping your writing to what users want to read is the best solution for SEO in our day and age.

Add tags for great SEO?

Something that hasn’t changed much is the tags.  Title element and body content.  Think about it, when you do a search online and see the search element in the title and body of the content, you too will click on that page.  Other elements that are critical are headline tags, URL fields and meta descriptions that includes the words and phrases they queried. More clicks translates into better ranking.  Alt text as well is critical due to the massive amount of search on images that is done on search engines today.

Another aspect that is important for SEO is to study words that are typically associated to highly ranked searches so that you can go back and edit those words into your current content.  Yes, that means that your current content isn’t bad, but it lacks additional words that create better search for users.  If you are hotel in Mexico, you might find that the higher ranked websites are those that discuss the Mayan pyramids of Cancun.  While you may be discussing your hotel, you might not have added those key words that are associated with the search.

User experience for great SEO.

Probably the most critical component of modern-day SEO is user experience.  Search engines look at the click and the click back to another search which the searcher better feels is better linked to what they were trying to solve.  If they click on your hotel website from organic placement and they are searching for your meeting room sizes and only find a blurb about how you tackle meetings, they are more likely to just click back to the search engine and move onto to your competitor links.

Suggestions for great SEO for hotels & resorts:

  • Put together a list of all the terms you want to own on your SEO efforts.
  • Take into account what the user is looking for from their search.
  • Add a nice creative that addresses the crucial intent of the searcher.
  • Prioritize so that a user can quickly and easily find what they were searching for – the solution.
  • Write it all first, then add the keywords that are associated rather than the other way around.
  • Craft the call to action.  What makes your article likely to get linked from others.

If you are interested in getting into the game on SEO and finding your way to providing great content and great user experiences, let's get started