In today’s digital world, social media needs much attention.  While an occasional post regarding your product may be a good place to start, it may lack engagement after three of four weeks. We develop Social Media strategies, reputation monitoring programs, define target audiences, create content, manage in moments of crisis and dedicate ourselves to story-telling.

Valorem Group is not your grand daddy’s agency; we are a powerful consulting firm that can help you build or improve your social media strategy and help you execute your social media plans.  What makes us different?  We want to show your team how to execute social media best practices and using our quarterly social audits, come in and help you refresh your approach based on trends, research and benchmarks. We can work with your team or manage independently.

Valorem takes you through the key steps in effective social media management, from brand voice to content strategies, calendars and posting strategies to make sure that you have high levels of engagement on your social sites – and engagement is the key metric of success.

We can help you to make your Online Presence more profitable for your business